Imagine, your child is struggling with one of the topics in maths or you may need to study maths after several years away from it. When you try to learn it after so along, it will be totally new for you and you don’t find the textbooks helping you. However, in this digital age, you don’t have worry. You can find tons of maths worksheets readily available for you and make your journey of learning maths easier than ever before. In this article I will be presenting you some websites and apps which offer you free or premium maths worksheets.

First let me present you some websites where you can get maths worksheets without any cost.

  1. Math Worksheets 4 Kids ( This website is a goldmine for K-12 learners, boasting over 40,000 maths worksheets across various topics. From basic addition to geometry challenges, you’ll find engaging exercises aligned with common core standards. Bonus: answer keys ensure self-paced learning and instant feedback.
  2. K5 Learning ( Dive into a sea of free, printable maths worksheets for grades K-6. Their user-friendly interface lets you filter by grade, topic, and skill level, making it easy to find targeted practice. Be it mastering multiplication tables or tackling fractions, K5 Learning has your back (and brain) covered.
  3. TeacherVision ( Geared towards educators but equally valuable for individual learners, TeacherVision offers a diverse collection of maths worksheets. Find interactive exercises, problem-solving challenges, and even seasonal math activities to keep learning fun and engaging.
  4. Super Teacher Worksheets ( Unleash the inner mathematician within with Super Teacher Worksheets’ vast library. Explore worksheets categorized by grade, topic, and learning style, including visual, kinesthetic, and auditory approaches. Plus, their answer keys and progress trackers help monitor your learning journey.

Paid Resources: Investing in Excellence for Advanced Learners

  1. IXL Math ( This subscription-based platform personalizes learning through adaptive, interactive maths worksheets. IXL pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses, offering targeted practice to fill skill gaps and propel you forward. With progress reports and real-time feedback, you’ll stay motivated and celebrate every milestone.
  2. Math Playground ( Don’t let the playful name fool you! Math Playground offers a premium membership packed with engaging maths worksheets, games, and activities for all ages. Explore logic puzzles, delve into real-world math applications, and enjoy creative challenges that make learning truly enjoyable.
  3. Maths Is Fun ( As the name suggests, Maths Is Fun injects humor and interactivity into their premium learning materials. Their extensive collection of maths worksheets covers everything from basic arithmetic to complex calculus, delivered with clear explanations and engaging exercises.
  4. Khan Academy ( While Khan Academy offers a wealth of free learning resources, their paid “Mastering” program unlocks personalized maths worksheets, practice problems, and video tutorials aligned with specific learning goals. Whether you’re aiming for standardized tests or personal enrichment, Khan Academy helps you master maths at your own pace.

Remember, the best maths worksheets are the ones that fit your unique learning style and goals. Explore these free and paid resources, experiment, and discover the ones that ignite your mathematical passion. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your metaphorical pencil and embark on your maths adventure today!

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget the power of community! Many online forums and social media groups connect math enthusiasts of all levels. Share your experiences, ask questions, and support each other on your mathematical journeys. With the right tools and a supportive community, conquering those math mountains is no longer just a dream, but a achievable reality!